Aumenta demanda de cirugías plásticas en medio de la pandemia

Los pacientes ven esta temporada como una oportunidad para descansar en casa de cualquier procedimiento estético que deseen realizarse. Al respecto, expertos de la belleza me cuentan sobre las medidas de seguridad que toman antes de cualquier tratamiento.

A day in the life of a multimedia journalist

I’m an MMJ in Santa Barbara County

People are always like, “Do they do your hair and makeup?” “Where’s your camera guy?” “Do they write and edit your stories?” So here’s a #BTS look at my ~*glamorous*~ life as a #tvreporter
First, I show up to the scene with my photographer the vampire who doesn’t appear in photographs. Jk it’s just me. 
After interviewing and shooting video, I go back to my office (the car’s backseat) 
After taking a quick lunch, I race against the clock in the middle of nowhere with not potty breaks.
Then, my glam team comes and fixes my make up 💄💋 (still moi)
Then I realize it’s dangerously close to the newscast and my video is still sending and then I die a little inside. 
Then, it’s *~show time*~ and in today’s case, I go live for 4 newscasts for both sister stations at 5pm & 6pm.
The end! Just kidding, there’s still a 40-minute ride home, and a web article story to write.